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UI/UX Design
Web Development
Logo Design

A colleague I went to school with had an opportunity to develop a brand identity and website design for a health company he was involved with. They were also looking for an easy way to maintain the website and an effective way to store various form submission information.

They also required a custom made service to easily populate blog content on their website. They wanted to be able to upload industry-related articles via URL and have it automatically create and populate the fields in their CMS (i.e. thumbnail, title, etc.).

Here's a breakdown of everything they were looking for:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Contact Forms
  • Device Registration Form
  • Custom Functionality

After getting the requirements and content, I went about creating the branding with Sam Garcia. The goal was to keep the colours and mood light to communicate a welcoming and clean look. I also wanted the website to mimic they feeling as well.

For the web development, they required multiple forms, one for general contact and inquiries and another for customers to register their health devices. The information was from these forms was to be collected into a spreadsheet archive for future use as well as for email marketing materials.

In order to create the custom functionality for auto-populating blog entries, I needed to figure out how to pull SEO and Open Graph information for the CMS fields. I also needed to build some sort of back end service tin order for them to send the URLs to. After searching for appropriate nom packages, I was able to construct a service to auto-populate blog entries. As for uploading the links, since their team was using Slack for their communications, I built a Slack bot that could accept URL links, provide a preview of the blog post entry, and have a button to publish the entry. The Github project for this functionality will be available to view soon.

Special thanks to Sam Garcia for his help with contributing to this project. He crushed it with the logo design. Check out his website for more of his work.

Tools Used
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Webflow
  • Heroku
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Node.js & Express.js