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Graphic Design

My partner’s family was looking for a label design for their homemade tomato sauce jars. The goal was to capture the feeling of a homemade tomato sauce that showcased its authentic Italian family roots.


For the samples I made, I tried to show a range of ideas. They kept the requirements a little open ended which gave me the opportunity to explore a few different options. I tried to show at least two different, yet similar looks for them to choose from.

I started off by making some general jar designs that could easily be changed to potentially include other flavours or types of sauces in the future. I wanted to give it a clean look that was still authentically Italian. One thing I like about this design, is it could easily be used for a variety different of sauces all while keeping a consistent look.

The bulk of the designs that included the image on the label, I tried to show the authentic Italian look but through pictures. All of the images I had to work with were either taken by me or were personal photos from the family. I think it works well with the homemade feeling they were looking for while being traditional with the overall design.