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I’m Brandon Da Silva (or BDS), a digital content creator based in Waterloo, Canada. I’m interested in photography, making music, web design and using my development skills to make the creative process easier. This website is where you can find all of my work, read my blog, and shop for prints (coming soon).

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Finding my (online) voice

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I've been trying to strike a balance of what to post and what not to these days

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Photography has always been one of my life-long passions. I specialize mainlyin architecture, street, and outdoor photography. Check out the latest galleries and more below.

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BDS Design Co.

Professionally, I've been working in web design and development since I graduated from university in 2015. I currently work as a Senior Optimization Publisher at Manulife Canada. I also work part-time as a freelance web designer. My portfolio contains work from some of these clients and side-projects I've done over the years.

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