T&H Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

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Logo Design
Graphic Design

I have been a part of T&H Heating in some form or another for quite some time. What started off as side hustle for my dad's side jobs as an HVAC contractor, has now grown to a company taking on full subdivisions, condos and has also begun the process of establishing a full service department. Once the company started to grow and establish itself in the area, there was a need for a logo to give the company an identity.

This was around 2010; it was one of the first logos (and later websites) I've ever designed to be used for a company. But in recent years, there has been a need to refresh the branding.

They were looking for a modern take on their current branding and they wanted it to be reflected everywhere:

  • Refreshed logo
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Business Cards
  • Vehicles
  • Signage
  • Stationery

Using the existing branding as a starting point, I incorporated a bold sans-serif typeface for the "T" and "H" while keeping the same serif font style for the ampersand and same colours throughout. The contrast between the bold lettering and the angled ampersand makes for a modern yet still unique look while still holding true to the original look and feel of the company.

Once the new logo and branding was agreed upon, the remainder of the designs for company materials just came together. Typically the first encounter you have with the company is from a business card or by seeing one of the company trucks on the road (for the time being). I wanted that first impression to not only last, but is also that consistent across the company. With that in mind, I created both designs with the ampersand upright; leaving the logo rotated slightly counterclockwise but you end up with a pretty cool result. Positioning the other text was straightforward from there.

For the remainder of the stationery designs, I kept a professional yet distinct look for the company. Keeping a consistent style throughout the documents was imperative to an overall consistent look. You can view more in the Branding Document PDF found in the links section.

The website is yet to come. We’re currently working on requirements; wireframing begins soon!

Tools Used
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop