Beauty by K

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Graphic Design
Logo Design

My sister came to me looking for a brand image for a new business she was starting. She wanted it to look professional but also elegant since she was offering beauty services.

Since she was starting this business and was getting a space to do so, she required a variety of designs for all aspects of her business:

  • Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Signage
  • Appointment Cards
  • Landing Page Design (with appointment booking included)

Since her company and brand is focused on beauty services, I decided to create a logo design that was professional but elegant. I thought that a monochromatic design would be a good fit; it could pair well with any colour scheme or background.

The “x” represents the “by” in the company’s name and this can be shown throughout the various domains and account names held by them. I initially had the letters “bxk” in a row but by using the "x" as negative space between the other letters marrying them together nicely.

By using the logo typeface for all of the headings and a crisp sans serif for all of the details, they complemented each other well when it translated to the print designs.

Original designs included the logo on top of a gold glitter background which is still found on the print materials. This was later changed to include a marble background that reflects the current look of the salon space.