Pocket Aces Construction

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UI/UX Design
Web Development
Graphic Design
Logo Design

As an emerging custom home and renovation contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, Pocket Aces Construction is making a name for itself among builders and homeowners. They came to me looking for a brand identity and a website to promote their business.

This is what they were looking for:

  • Full branding identity
  • Custom business cards
  • Website design
  • Access to website CMS

When designing the logo and branding, we wanted to convey that it was a construction company but still kept true to the “Pocket Aces” name. After some rounds of revisions we finally landed on a design that has the general shape of a house, with two playing cards making up half of the house.

I wanted to have the look be consistent with this playing card look, so I designed their business cards to look like standard playing cards also. The back of the card is made up of a bunch of tool silhouettes to fill the design, and the company logo in the centre. The front is an ace playing card but with all of the contact information. Making these business cards and having the final product custom printed was probably my favourite result of this project.

Once the branding was established, I went about designing and building their website that kept the look consistent. When building their website, one thing they were looking for out of their website was ease of use. I chose to build their website using Webflow because I was able to quickly build the website I custom designed for them, but also since Webflow has a intuitive WYSIWYG editor it would mean maintaining their website would be convenient and they could see the changes immediately.

With the ease of use being one of the main needs, I wanted to take as much work out of updating the website as they could. When it came to displaying their latest photos from Instagram on their website, I created a microservice where all of the latest posts are automatically published to Webflow.

Special thanks to Sam Garcia for his help with contributing to this project. His exceptional design skills and ability to conceptualize and produce design ideas was the edge needed for this project to be such a success. Check out his website for more of his work.

Tools Used
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Webflow CMS
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere
  • Spark
  • Facebook Ads
  • Heroku
  • Node.js & Express.js
  • Zapier